About Soni

Soni Dasmohapatra has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta and her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Victoria. She has a certificate in gender studies and human rights from Oxford University.

When in Toronto, Soni was involved in supporting social innovation, and philanthropy work at the community level with organizations such as the City of Toronto, United Way Toronto, Laidlaw and Maytree Foundations.

Soni also worked as a senior project manager with the Government of Ontario and as a consultant with the United Nations. Over the past four years, since returning to Edmonton she has worked with the Government of Alberta, is a core team member at the Edmonton ShiftLab 1.0, was grants coordinator at the Edmonton Heritage Council, and is currently a management consultant.

Soni is keen to map Alberta’s ecosystems to find, contribute and create spaces of social innovation. 

Connect with Soni

To connect with Soni you find her on LinkedIn or send her a message below.