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I am happy you ended up here. I wanted to share with you the content of the series of Lunar Womb workshops being offered this fall, 2020.

Lunar Womb invites the embarkation on a journey to discover your cyclical self.

Come explore how you can discover the responsibility to take care of your womb imprint throughout your life span and embrace your feminine power and gifts to support your life rhythms. Lunar Womb is an emergent space which encourages period positive experiences through meditation, journaling, yoga and reflexive practice.

There is the opportunity for womb education models to be explored that are based in peer learning and sharing to build the capacity of a spectrum of peoples to understand the secrets of their womb wisdom. Lunar Womb’s goal is to co-create safe spaces for participants to meet themselves and embark on transformative journeys through recognizing their unique womb energy and womb imprint that only they have.

I invite you to come join me and a nurturing community of practitioners on this journey of self-discovery.

See you there!



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